chetan bhagat books list

Chetan Bhagat Books list

Chetan bhagat books list

Chetan bhagat books list, is given some best books of Chetan bhagat. here is a list.

Chetan bhagat books list
400 Days

1. 400 days

400 days This book is one of the best books by Chetan Bhagat. There are some characters in this book around whom this story revolves. Out of which this is the story between Keshav and his friends. This book story is one of the best suspense and thrill stories. This book is one of the stories for which Chetan Bhagat’s books are famous.

chetan bhagat books list
one arranged marder

2. one arranged murde

 one arranged murder by Chetan bhagat in this book there is the story of Keshav and Saurabh working at the same company it’s called cyber safe and they also, run an operative agency on the side so Keshav regularly uses tinder, and he is in a happy relationship he is engaged to a girl named Prerna. when Saurabh describes his passions for prerna now he says that she makes his heart melt like a chocolate cake. This story is basically a suspense and thrill storybook by Chetan Bhagat.

chetan bhagat books
one Indian girl

3. One Indian girl

This book is one of the best books by Chetan bhagat. In this book, Chetan bhagat is writing a story of a girl named Radhika. She loves a brijesh gulati, brijesh is work on Facebook as a software engineer. Radhika and brijesh doing an arranged marriage at goa and suddenly Radhika’s ex-boyfriend come to goa resort. Then the story takes a different mode. Nice story to read.

chetan bhagat books list

the girl in room 105
the girl in room 105

4. The girl in room 105

This is the best book by Chetan Bhagat. This is the story of a Keshav who is from an orthodox family and his Zara girlfriend from a Kashmiri Muslim family. Due to a family cast issue, their marriage is canceled. So one day on Zara’s birthday Keshav did not wish her. That day around 3 AM she texts him and asks him to come and meet her room. And then the main story starts from here.

the 3 mistakes of my life
the 3 mistakes of my life

5. The 3 mistakes of my life

 The 3 mistakes of my life are written by Chetan bhagat. This is the best book to read. In this book, one Bollywood movie is present that movie name is kai po che. This is one of the best movies in Bollywood on this book story. So if you see the movie and read a book that is the best combination.

chetan bhagat books list
five point someone

6. Five point someone; What not to do at lit

This is a story related to 3 boys who are in the best engineering college in India. Hari is one of the characters of the story and Neha is the girlfriend of hari. They have a love for each other. So how do they are managing their lives problem? That is an entire story of thrill and suspense.

chetan bhagat books list

chetan bhagat books list
chetan bhagat books list
revolution twenty 20

7. Revolution Twenty 20: Love. Corruption. Ambition

This story by Chetan bhagat is about two friends Gopal and Raghav. Gopal is want to become rich in their life. Raghav wants a change in the system and wants a stop corruption. Aarti is the best friend of both Raghav and Gopal. Raghav and Gopal both are love to aarti. So this story tells us how they are managed and creat some problems for them.

chetan bhagat books list
one night @

8. One Night @ The Call Centre

This story is containing a story of a one-call center where 6 people are working. On the night of that call center, god called, and then the story begins from here. This story is told to the author by one beautiful girl. The author is going some were by train that girl is there on the train. so that girl takes promise from the author to write a story on the book. This is written on one night at the call center

best chetan bhagat books
2 states

9. 2 States: The Story Of My Marriage

2 states is the story of two lovers who are from different states of India and want to marry. But there are lots of issues with their families because of their culture and thought processes. So how that couple manages that thing to marry.  2 states Bollywood movie on this book.

chetan bhagat books list
half girlfriend

10. Half Girlfriend

11. What Young India Wants: Selected Non-Fiction

12. India Positive: New Essays and Selected Columns

thank you for reading Chetan bhagat books list must buy and read.

chetan bhagat books list

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